Sunday, August 21, 2011

#90 Dieu Du Ciel - Blanche du Paradis (White Paradise)

As promised the 2nd beer from Dieu Du Ciel; Blache du Paradis.

It pours a cloudy pale banana yellow with a medium white head. The smell is lightly yeasty with fruity notes of banana, citrus and orange. I really enjoyed the taste of this witbier with all of its Belgian wheat, fruity flavours and a bit of a zest-y kick of spices and good carbonation to finish. It is a nicely refreshing type beer, perfectly suited for a warm summer day. Highly drinkable, rocking a pretty standard 5.0% ABV this is worth a try if you get the chance.

4 out of 5

Stay tuned next update coming Wednesday August 24th (or sooner)!

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